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Category Archives: Blog-Only Specials

SALE: Philip Roth

The Nobel Prize’s Susan Lucci, Philip Roth, may think that the novel will be nearly dead (“I’m not dead yet!” “He’s only MOSTLY dead.”) in 25 years, but that’s not going to stop me from pointing out a small group of his novels I just catalogued. Been meaning to do more “blog” specials. And now […]

An Experiment: Cheep Reads

The last couple of days I’ve had some success posting some special deals to my Twitter account (@briancassidy), but in the interest of not annoying those friends and followers who would prefer their tweets without commercial interuptions, I’ve started a new account: @cheepreads. (Tweet+cheap, get it?). So a couple times a day or so I’ll […]

The Charlie Chaplin Book

I’m starting a new feature today, a kind of experiment. Regularly (maybe a couple of times a week), I’ll highlight a recent acquisition, one that is interesting or unusual in some respect. For awhile now, I’ve been meaning to shine a light on some of the more fascinating books that cross my desk, but have […]