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Daily Links – October 27, 2009

People read more than books. Kottke getting it exactly right with what’s wrong with Kindle/Nook/etc.

Daily Links – October 21, 2009

Rosie the Riveter bookends. Yum. My DIY publishing experiment, WITH A LITTLE HELP. This is the future of publishing and bookselling. Pay attention. Essential plot twists for writers. 42 ideas for your third act. Not much new under the sun. Google's page turners. Oops!

Daily Links – October 20, 2009

Model/Actress in Afrikaans photo-novels. Fascinating piece on a genre I never knew existed.

Daily Links – October 17, 2009

Why Your Idea to Save Journalism Won't Work (a checklist). Very funny. Painfully accurate.

Daily Links – October 16, 2009

UNPACKING MY LIBRARY. Elegant Variation unpacks his long-stored library and has an excellent book recommendation. Alice in Wonderland nudes. Alice/pin-up mashup. A little SNFW.

Daily Links – October 15, 2009

Radical Militant Librarian tee. Must have. Too cool.

Daily Links – October 10, 2009

Ugly and Bizarre book covers. Our buddy William at Hang Fire got a nice plug on Boing Boing about, well… Book Review: "The Man Who Loved Books Too Much". Jeremy’s got one of the best revews I’ve read so far. I’m reading the book now. SLJ Editor to Cushing Academy Parents. An open letter to […]

Daily Links – October 9, 2009

Rich guy dislikes poor people, wants local kids to "lose sleep" over plan to shut library. Rich a-hole works to close town library, makes kids cry. Really.

Daily Links – October 7, 2009

My (sort of) Fourteenth-Century Bar Mitzvah. “And so it came to pass that on the 27th day of Tishri in the year 5725, young Stephen ben Kenneth ben Edward ben Morris ben Aaron of the House of Gertz (formerly Gershowitz, “Horse Traders to the Czar Since 1826”), who dwelt in the land of Queens in […]

Daily Links – October 6, 2009

Wondermark's Genre Fiction Generator. Easy peasy.