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Category Archives: The Book Biz

Phone Call of the Week Month Year.

“This is Brian. Can I help you?” “Yeah. Where you located?” “Um, I’m open by appointment. What was it you were looking for?” “Esoterica.” “Are you looking for something in particular?” “You know: esoterica. Says here you sell esoterica.” “Yes, odd or unusual books are a specialty.” “Book!? Naw. I’m looking more for like videos […]

Book Buying Conversation Of The Day

SHE: “This book is going for $85.00 on the internet. I’ll take $25.00 for it though.” ME: “Let’s take a look.” SHE: “Well, I said it’s going for $85.00.” ME: (typing) “MmmHmm” SHE: “You don’t believe me?” ME: (typing) SHE: (straining to see my computer) “What would you pay for a book worth that much?” […]

2009 Colorado Antiquarian Seminars

I just posted this over at the Fine Books and Collections blog, but though I’d put it up here too for the three or four people who read this blog but not the one at FB&C (and if you’re not, you should!): I would just list to pick up where Chris left off and recommend […]

An Experiment: Cheep Reads

The last couple of days I’ve had some success posting some special deals to my Twitter account (@briancassidy), but in the interest of not annoying those friends and followers who would prefer their tweets without commercial interuptions, I’ve started a new account: @cheepreads. (Tweet+cheap, get it?). So a couple times a day or so I’ll […]

Live, from the Santa Monica Book Fair!

I leave tomorrow for the Santa Monica Book Fair where I’ll be exhibiting (Booth 712a) and thought I would try something a little different. Through the wonders of modern technology (read: my iPhone), I’ll be posting nearly-live updates from the fair – from set-up to break-down and everything in between, maybe even a few from […]

Been a Crazy Summer

I’ve been neglecting this blog (again). The summer has just been crazy; traveling / vacation, family visits, daughter out of school and assorted other major and minor personal distractions have served to conspire to keep me from posted here. In between all of this confusion, I have managed to get some actual work done. Catalog […]

"Have the right books"

That’s Larry McMurty’s simple advice to booksellers from this profile. He continues: Junk is a major problem, it tends to creep in. The taste of the bookseller is important. We sell only our kind of books, a general humanities selection, all in very good condition.”

Edwards Books to close

Edwards Books of Springfield, MA was at the center of one of my favorite bookselling memoirs: Suzanne Strempek Shea’s Shelf Life: Romance, Mystery, Drama and Other Page-Turning Adventures From a Year in a Bookstore about her time working in the shop after battling breast cancer. Sadly, the shop is closing.

So many books…

I’ve spent the past two days going through over 300 boxes of books that were part of an estate. I estimate I looked at over 7500 books. Now, here’s a question. How many books/boxes did I go home with? Take a minute. I’ll wait. Ready? Have your number? Answer: Five boxes. About 150 or so […]

Bookseller as Economic Barometer II

Okay, seriously. I mentioned last week that I was being offered a lot more books than normal and I wondered if perhaps this was an indication of the weakening economy. But it’s now official. I’ve bought / been offered more books over the last two weeks than I have over the preceeding two months. And […]