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I’m Not Dead Yet

To the (perhaps) dozens of readers still hanging on and following this blog, I say to you: All is not lost! My posting has been infrequent and sporadic (at best), but changes are afoot. So once you’ve recovered from the shock of seeing Biblioblography in your rss reader again, some news…

First and foremost, I’ve had a new website designed by the good folks at Bibliopolis. Still making small revisions and tweaks, but you dear Biblioblography readers get the first preview: BTW – Simply typing works too.

Related to the website update, I’ve been updating the look, feel, and undercarriage of this blog. As such, I’ve moved it to it’s own subdomain:

The design needs work and will be updated in the coming days/months, but the underlying workings of the blog (theme, software, etc.) work much more smoothly now. So update your links, blogrolls, and rss feeds. Speaking of which, the new feed can be found here:

I’ll be posting in both places while I get things fine-tuned, but within a month I’ll be publishing exclusively on the revised site. So probably best to just make the updates now.

I have resolved in light of the new site, to write more (and more often) here. Stay tuned.

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