From the Dept. of Tooting My Own Horn: William S. Burroughs and an Interview

Last month, colleague Ken Lopez and I handled a rare and important archive of original collages and photographs by/from Naked Lunch author William S. Burroughs. Jed Birmingham, who writes the Bibliographic Bunker column for the WSB site RealityStudio, asked if I would answer some questions about the collection and other related topics. The interview has been posted today and can be read here.

[BTW – Jed is writing some of the best essays book collecting anywhere. Though ostensibly about Burroughs, his analysis of market forces, collector considerations and the art and science of book collecting could easily be applied to any collection. They are also a great resource for Beat history – including insightful backgrounds on the little magazines that surrounded the movement. If you collect books or are simply interested in the Beats, it’s all well-worth your time.]